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Monday, JUNE 21st, 6.30 pm. We are meeting in person! Come on down and share knowledge, gain knowledge. See you there!
Raceine Shurter has volunteered to host the BeeGroup. Thanks, Raceine! BTW, she says bring your gear, her bees an be cranky. ;-)

Address is 1915 Samsonville rd (co rd 3)

Going south on Samsonville rd past Tetta's store u come into the hamlet of Samsonville. Past the church you go over a little bridge. From the bridge my driveway is the 3rd on the right and marked 1915. Its a long driveway -stay straight.

Going north on Samsonville rd u enter the town of Olive marked by a sign. As u start down the hill there's a wooden fence on the right. As the fence ends u will see our 1915 sign on your left which marks the driveway.

Rob has volunteered to get a booth at Olive Day in September, held annually at Davis Park. Please email Rob if you have interest helping out--man the table, talk to people about bees, etc. It doesn't matter your level of experience. He's done it in the past and it's been lots of fun. And Olive Day is a great Town picnic. We can also picnic as a group, too. Please email Rob with your interest: rob@bushkillventures.com

There is the realization that many are inexperienced beekeepers and/or need knowledge. Heck, even 3, 4, and 5 year beekeepers are lacking knowledge--it does take time to learn this hobby we are doing. (Hobby, for lack of a better word). Research, look up bee biology, know what eggs and larvae look like. Gets some books--The Beekeeper's Handbook, The Beekeeper's Bible, are a good start. It's important to come to bee meetings and ask questions, but also important to do your own research and learn about bees--not YouTube which is full of misinformation, but real publications. Please do your reading and homework before you ask questions when you could get some of that from a good manual. You owe it to your bees. Maybe I should read some of this myself... ;-)


Queen 16 Days, Worker 21 Days, Drone 24 Days...Capped at 9th Day...

Some Honey Bee music. Opens a new window. You won't Bee disappointed. Listen while you read...

Mipso - "Honeybee"

Pls check the Resources section below...

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If you have any topics, ideas, selling bee equipment, or questions, feel free to contact us at BeeGroup@HVHiives.com.

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Basic Bee Biology from the University of Georgia

This is a very good resource with pictures of workers, drones, queens, eggs, larvae, days to maturity...
Click Here for the more.

Basic Honeybee Biology

More Bee Biology. This is important to beeing a successful beekeeper...

CLICK HERE for more.

Pictures of Bee Anatomy

This has some very good photos. You want to see this.

CLICK HERE for more.
Bee Eyes
Queen Notes

Honey Bees
Identification, Biology,
and Lifecycle

A very good presentation on this subject...

CLICK HERE to read on...

Honey Bee Biology, Part 1: The Digestive System

To begin: the Digestive System! And to begin that: the Mouthparts!

CLICK HERE for more.
Bee Mouth Parts


Bee Biology
Basic Bee Biology from the University of Georgia
Basic Honeybee Biology
Pictures of Bee Anatomy
Honey Bees Identification, Biology, and Lifecycle
Honey Bee Biology, Part 1: The Digestive System

NY Bee Wellness: https://nybeewellness.org/

Beltsville Lab: If your bees die, God Forbid!, please send a sample to the Beltsville Lab in Maryland. The analysis is free and they will email you the results. They check for Nosema and Mites. I sent a sample down a month ago and my hive was loaded with mites -- in December! Please share results with Rob,Tom and the BeeGroup so we can help keep tabs on what is happening in the 'hood. Thanks! CLICK HERE for details on how to submit a sample.

Fat Bees Skinny Bees

Talks about nutrition for your bees. This will impact how your bees can fight off disease and ultimately survive.
Click Here for the Powerpoint.
Click Here for the Manual.

For Honeybee information, videos, podcasts and workshops please visit the links below. Workshops are being updated as we speak!

Dave Cushman Beekeeping Website maintained by Roger Patterson.
Go to Dave-Cushman.net

With Special Thanks for providing the Venue: Olive Free Library

A Quick Reference Guide to Honey Bee Parasites, Pests, Predators, and Diseases https://extension.psu.edu/a-quick-reference-guide-to-honey-bee-parasites-pests-predators-and-diseases

Welsh Beekeepers Association Bee Disease Guide: It is important for all beekeepers to be familiar with the appearance of healthy worker brood, in order to recognise abnormalities which may indicate the presence of disease.

Honey Bee Healthy Recipe

NOSEMA: Treatment Procedure. Don't forget to treat for Nosema! Click Here for procedure.

HONEYBEE LIFE CYCLE - Very Important to know. This is the building block of understanding your hives.
Click Here for video...
Click here for chart and discussion.

Queen 16 Days, Worker 21 Days, Drone 24 Days...

Bee Group Meeting

What: Bee Group
Where: Olive Free Library, West Shokan - check details above for location
When: On Hold For Now

Hudson Valley Hives is a beekeeping group that meets at the Olive Free Library on a monthly basis and discuss all things beekeeping. The meeting is driven by members questions and sharing experiences with the goal of spreading timely knowledge among fellow beekeepers. It is very informal and we welcome anyone interested to participate. If you are just thinking about getting started in beekeeping, a new beekeeper, or a seasoned beekeeper, you will benefit from the group discussions. There is no membership fee. The Olive Free Library graciously provides a meeting place for our group and we encourage you to make a donation to the library if you find the BeeGroup helpful.

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