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We are meeting, in person, in a Bee Yard! Tuesday June 21st, 5:30 pm. Note this is Tuesday, not Monday.

Where: Karen Lee's Bee Yard in Chichester - Thank You, Karen! -- I hear there is a "Bee Tree" nearby... 549 State Route 214, Chichester, NY. Chichester Farm. Just across the street from the Post Office and Yoga joint. You go through Phoenicia off Route 28.

Bring your jacket, Veil, gloves, etc. The bees can get cranky in the evening. ;-) I hear they are STILL in swarm mode...

HEY! And BTW, as it turns out, amazingly so, it's Rob's Birthday on the 21st, so everybody wish him a wonderful and Happy Birthday! Bring presents, songs, well wishes. ;-)

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Again....It's best to purchase local NUCs instead of package bees. The bees are more in tune with the area and don't come from Florida or Georgia. They have a better chance of surviving if they are local. Isn't the phrase, "Buy Local" for bees, not just for shopping for tomatoes? Contact us if you need local bees, NUCs or Queens. We'll find someone near you.


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Queen 16 Days, Worker 21 Days, Drone 24 Days...Capped at 9th Day...

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For more information:

If you have any topics, ideas, selling bee equipment, or questions, feel free to contact us at BeeGroup@HVHiives.com.

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AT WORK IN THE BEE YARD ... Please send us your photos.... :-)

Bees in the News...

Deadly virus is causing honeybee colonies to collapse all over the world

Bee populations around the world are suffering from the spread of a deadly virus that eats away at their wings.



EAS 2022 – Ithaca, NY

The conference team has been working diligently to formulate the EAS Conference 2022. As the short course and main conference come together we are assembling a roster of excellent speakers, including Dr. Tom Seeley, Professor of Biology Emeritus, in the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior at Cornell University, Dr. Scott McArt and Emma Walters – Cornell University. These folks will participate in both the short course and the main conference providing the latest in research, extension work and beekeeping..
CLICK HERE for more.

How this Bengaluru family took to beekeeping in their apartment

Vinod and Melisha are residents of Bengaluru. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the couple brought an unusual pet into their 2 BHK apartment. That day onwards, life changed for Vinod and Melisha as a family. Watch the video to find out more.

CLICK HERE for more...

All About Honey Bee Swarm Scouts

When a swarm of bees leaves their original hive with their queen, they settle on a branch or other temporary resting place while the swarm's scout bees search for a new home. The scouts are older bees - highly experienced foragers - who are already strong flyers and are familiar with the area for two or more miles around the original hive.

CLICK HERE for more.

Researchers breed varroa resistant honeybees

    The bees were selectively bred to strengthen a trait in which they expell infested larvae from the hive, killing larvae and mite

    CLICK HERE to read on...


    Very good Case Study on the Collapse of a Hive and what the signs are. You need to see this. Very good photos. Opens a PDF in a new window .... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NvP-olm7vwMxPVH-Oi1CNHH70Wq913ym/view

    Bee Biology
    Basic Bee Biology from the University of Georgia
    Pictures of Bee Anatomy
    Honey Bees Identification, Biology, and Lifecycle
    Honey Bee Biology, Part 1: The Digestive System

    NY Bee Wellness: https://nybeewellness.org/

    Beltsville Lab: If your bees die, God Forbid!, please send a sample to the Beltsville Lab in Maryland. The analysis is free and they will email you the results. They check for Nosema and Mites. I sent a sample down a month ago and my hive was loaded with mites -- in December! Please share results with Rob,Tom and the BeeGroup so we can help keep tabs on what is happening in the 'hood. Thanks! CLICK HERE for details on how to submit a sample.

    Fat Bees Skinny Bees
    Talks about nutrition for your bees. This will impact how your bees can fight off disease and ultimately survive.
    Click Here for the Powerpoint.
    Click Here for the Manual.

    For Honeybee information, videos, podcasts and workshops please visit the links below. Workshops are being updated as we speak!

    Dave Cushman Beekeeping Website maintained by Roger Patterson.
    Go to Dave-Cushman.net

    With Special Thanks for providing the Venue: Olive Free Library

    A Quick Reference Guide to Honey Bee Parasites, Pests, Predators, and Diseases https://extension.psu.edu/a-quick-reference-guide-to-honey-bee-parasites-pests-predators-and-diseases

    Welsh Beekeepers Association Bee Disease Guide: It is important for all beekeepers to be familiar with the appearance of healthy worker brood, in order to recognise abnormalities which may indicate the presence of disease.

    Honey Bee Healthy Recipe

    NOSEMA: Treatment Procedure. Don't forget to treat for Nosema! Click Here for procedure.

    HONEYBEE LIFE CYCLE - Very Important to know. This is the building block of understanding your hives.
    Click Here for video...
    Click here for chart and discussion.

    Queen 16 Days, Worker 21 Days, Drone 24 Days...

    These are a Few Videos that You May Find of Interest (I particularly like the Skep video!

    Tony Jefferson – “Never Waste a Queen Cell”

    Small Scale Queen Rearing - Roger Patterson

    Well-mated Queens Produce the Busiest Bees by Heather Mattila

    Reading a Hive - Kirsten Traynor

    Skep Beekeeping in the Heathland - 1978

    Biology of the Honey Bee

    NY Bee Wellness - Diagnostics (Repeated Again from the Last Two Months)

    Hive Inspection Protocol

    Bee Group Meeting

    What: Bee Group
    Where: Olive Free Library, West Shokan - check details above for alternate locations
    When: Looks like 3rd Tuesday of the month for now--outdoors in bee yards right now!

    MEETING OUTSIDE AT THE MOMENT! Hudson Valley Hives is a beekeeping group that meets at the Olive Free Library on a monthly basis and discuss all things beekeeping. The meeting is driven by members questions and sharing experiences with the goal of spreading timely knowledge among fellow beekeepers. It is very informal and we welcome anyone interested to participate. If you are just thinking about getting started in beekeeping, a new beekeeper, or a seasoned beekeeper, you will benefit from the group discussions. There is no membership fee. The Olive Free Library graciously provides a meeting place for our group and we encourage you to make a donation to the library if you find the BeeGroup helpful.

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