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I just want to send out a quick reminder that we have a BeeGroup meeting coming up on Monday. 

I noticed yesterday that the catalpa trees are starting to bloom around here adding additional sources of nectar. We can just hope that the nectar sources continue and the flow stays strong for a while. 

There is no specific topic this month,  but I will remind everyone that now is the time to start planning and preparation for varroa mite treatment. 

Bring your questions and experiences to share at the meeting.   See you in a couple days.

If you have any topics, ideas, or questions, feel free to contact us at BeeGroup@HVHiives.com.

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Varroa treatment

As discussed in our meeting two months ago,  varroa is the biggest cause of hive loss.   It is not just the varroa mites, but the viruses they bring with them.  Although everyone would prefer to go treatment-free,  even the best treatment-free beekeepers are loosing 30-60% a year.   As a hobbyist beekeeper,  if you have not successfully overwintered your hives for 3 or more years I would highly discourage you from attempting to go treatment-free.   

Because of the viruses the mites are carrying, I personally do not feel varroa counts are meaningful anymore.   Or let me rephrase that to say low varroa counts.   Tom and I have been seeing trace indications on viruses with extremely low varroa counts.   

At this point I feel the best treatment for hobbyists is Apivar and highly recommend everyone consider it.  There are cheaper treatments, but the simplicity and effectiveness of Apivar outweighs the cost for most. Now is the time to order your supply.   I have no affiliation with any bee supply company and chances are whomever is your favorite supplier carries it.  

Here is some more information for those interested.

Apivar pamphlet

Varroa Biology & Control video


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