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Another short newsletter this month.  Just a quick reminder that we have a meeting tomorrow night.  We will spend most of the meeting discussing the current disease situation in the Hudson Valley.  I will have Nozevit+ at the meeting if anyone is interested.

Bring your questions and experiences to share at the meeting.

If you have any topics, ideas, or questions, feel free to contact us at BeeGroup@HVHiives.com.

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Nosema Ceranae & EFB outbreak

Both Nosema ceranae and a variant of Eurpean Foulbrood have been tested positive locally.   If you have a colony that seems to be healthy but not growing you should take a closer look.

This new variant of EFB can be easily overlook as there is no color change of the infected larvae.  Off color or brown larvae is usually a good indication of a brood disease and easily spotted.  What I have seen with this variant is that it remains "milky" white.   If you notice your capped brood is very spotty (10% or more) or you see a spattering of different aged brood all intermixed,  you need to take a deeper look.   The bees seem to do a good job trying to clean out the infected larvae so in most cases it will not be easily seen until the hive is dwindled down to near failure.   With diligence you can often spot a few cells that have larvae that have lost their segmentation and appear as a blob or just a puddle of "liquid-like" brood on the bottom of the cell.

If the brood within the hive appears to be healthy but the colony is a laggard it may be a nosema issue.  We have recently seen test results from Beltsville lab with high ceranae counts.  Even if your hives all appear strong and healthy you may want to highly consider treating for nosema as it can take hold during winter and cause a colony to perish. 

We will discuss more at the meeting tomorrow night.


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